Quality system

Quality system


 D-innovation always put Quality in high priority .Quality Department is well equipped with a variety of advanced testing instruments to  ensure the strict quality control of products or projects in all the sectors from raw material entry to qualified release of finished products.

    Quality Department is also responsible for the strict monitor and effective operation of the company's quality management system .

Quality Assurance: Establish a comprehensive quality assurance procedures such as training management, controlled documents management, deviation / change management, complaint / recall management, validation and qualification management, nonconforming product management,etc.

Personnel and organization: Establish the organizational structure of quality system, define the position responsibilities and conduct the training and management for employees.

Workshops and environmental control: Establish maintenance management procedures to ensure the entire production environment clean and orderly.

Equipment system: Establish equipment management procedures, number the equipment, inspect for cleanliness and maintenance, and perform the equipment qualification and calibration etc.

Material system: Establish the management procedures for supplier, material and product. Take the whole process monitored and controlled from the material receipt, storage to distribution and product release. 

Production system: Conduct on-site inspection, process validation and production related records review.



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