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Our R&D center is located in the Tianfu Life Science Park of Chengdu with an area about 1,000 M2 and houses several world class Research Labs, Scale-up Labs and an analytical center for quality study and test. 
Our R&D department is staffed by young and seasoned professionals and the core team is consist of master and PhD graduates. So far, the team has applied for 12 patents in China and have undertaken 7 national research projects. 
    In the R&D center, there are synthetic department,scale up department and analysis center.
    The synthetic department focus on medicinal chemistry and process chemistry in support of our scale up laboratories to our production team, as well as the following services:
Custom synthesis 
Process development and optimization
Impurity analysis, identification and synthesis
New Synthetic route development
    The Scale up Department focus on verifying, optimizing and developing Lab-scale technology, and have established Technology Research Lab, Technology Verification Lab and Simulation Clean Room. We adopt complete industrial simulation terms to ensure the seamless connection between the development technology and production.Our Pilot Reactor volume is from 20L-200L and Reaction temperature is from -78℃-200℃; 
    The Analysis Center is equipped with various advanced analysis devices, including HPLC, Preparative HPLC, GC, ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer, automatic Polari meter, melting point apparatus, trace moisture analyzer, medicine stability testing chamber and other precise analysis instruments. They can meet the demand for product quality study, quality control and technological development.